Friday, June 10, 2011

Farmer Hero Friday: Nick Meyer of Hardwick, VT

MattToday's Farmer Hero Friday features our most recent farmer profile. Nick Meyer and his brother are keeping the Meyer family tradition of farming thriving on their farm in Vermont. The Meyers use innovative sustainable practices and make their own biodiesel from sunflower seeds.

Nick Meyer

The value and health of the land and the product it produces is very important to Nick and his family. They believe as a family that the root of farming begins in the soils. As they put it, "If our soils are good then the crops we grow are strong. Great crops translate to healthy cows and healthy, happy cows mean the best quality milk anyone can buy. Organic farming has allowed our family to do all this and provide a greater lifestyle. Increased cow immunity, increased land purity, increased profits."

One of the sustainable methods Nick takes great pride in is wide swath hay, also known as 'Hay-in-a-Day.' This haying technique involves mowing the field in the morning without cracking the stem and returning in the afternoon to pick it up. This method allows the sun to dry the hay while sugars and nutrients are produced throughout the day; as Nick explains, "You can't dry laundry in a pile." As a result of this technique, the hay has a high energy and nutrient content, which gets passed on to the cows that eat it. This high quality hay leads to the farm's award-winning milk, which has received multiple honors as the highest quality milk in the state of Vermont.
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