Friday, April 01, 2011

Farmer Hero Friday: Spotlight on Maine

MattFor this edition of our bi-weekly series Farmer Hero Friday, I figured I'd go back to my home state of Maine. (Click here to read the first post explaining Farmer Hero Friday.)

Susan Meredith & Brenna Chase

Meet two friends who started an organic farm in Brunswick, Maine.

Susan Meredith and Brenna Chase of Little Creek Farm in Brunswick, Maine, are thrilled to be wrapping up their first year of farming.

The friends decided to start a sustainable livestock farm together last October, and found their land over the winter. Brenna was already living in Maine and managing a farm, and Susan moved to the east coast from Northern California to join her.

"I grew up eating virtually all home-grown food," Brenna said, "and really have never strayed far. I became really interested in farming sustainably as a teenager. At that time I was very concerned with the damage humans are doing to the earth."
Click here to read the rest of Susan and Brenna's story.

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