Friday, October 01, 2010

Farm Aid 25 Schedule

MattHere in Milwaukee at Miller Park, artist soundchecks are underway and the last details are coming into place. Take a look at the schedule (which is subject to change) for this year's performers:

Between 1pm and 3
The Blackwood Quartet
Robert Francis
Randy Rogers Band
Amos Lee

Between 3 and 5
Band of Horses
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real
Jamey Johnson

Between 5 and 7
Jason Mraz
Jeff Tweedy
Norah Jones
Kenny Chesney

Between 7 and 11
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
John Mellencamp
Neil Young
Willie Nelson

Doors open at noon and be sure to check out the policies for Miller Park on our Venue Information page.


  1. I am leaving Iowa City for this amazing line up right now...see you all in a few hours!

  2. I couldn't be there in person...but am oh so in support in spirit!!! KEEP AMERICA GROWING and aware of why we need small farmers. GO FARMAID!\
    Tina Masciarelli & Family, Waynesville NC

  3. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Will there be any more surprise guests for the 25th anniversary show???

  4. Are they appearing in the order listed?

  5. Anonymous9:09 PM

    It's poring right now - close the roof while there's still time!!!!

  6. Anonymous9:16 PM

    I hope I dont catch farm-aids.

  7. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Surprise guests? If they told you, they wouldn't be a surprise anymore.

  8. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Roof opened, roof closed, 50 degrees , 80 degrees ..don't matter it will be awesome!!

  9. I can't wait to ROCK out with willie nelson, and then DAVE M. is going to be cool! wHOOO!! YEAH WISCONSIN!!! SEPKINS!!!!!

  10. sweetkim-wi10:50 PM

    We can't wait!
    WELCOME to Milwaukee Wisconsin! :)

  11. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Thanks Dave for bringing Tim along, Great becomes even better!

  12. Anonymous11:43 PM

    4th Farm Aid tomorrow. Going with the wife for the first time. Had to represent the home state farmers. You all should come to Harvest fest in Madison on Sunday. A special invite to Willie, I know they would love you to show up in Madison Sunday afternoon. I will see you tomorrow!
    after thought: Neil looking forward to the organ

  13. Anonymous12:16 AM

    1-11pm is a looong day so we'll be getting there at 3ish!

  14. Anonymous12:56 AM

    It would have been considerate to post the times a week in advance. I have a tight schedule, mainly wanted to see Dave M, and BoDeans.

  15. Anonymous7:59 AM

    be there at 10:00 a.m. to get our drink on

  16. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Can't wait!!!!

  17. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Roof open or roof closed???? Yes, there will be a difference today. CLOSE THE ROOF! Isn't that one of the reasons they chose this site. I really didn't plan on bringing out the long underwear quite yet.

  18. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I live 4 blocks from Miller Park, turn up the sound I can't hear sound check.

  19. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Been waiting for this day. Heading across the Cheddar Curtain in another hour. This is going to be great!!!!!

  20. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Close the roof! It is a perfect temp if I was bailing hay today, but I am not. I am going to be sitting for 10 hours enjoying some music to benefit farmers. For $100 a ticket, you would think the roof would be closed.

  21. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Keep that roof open! It's Fall in Wisconsin! It'll make the concert even more special!

  22. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Can't wait for tonight, great to donate to these people and the lineup is incredible.

  23. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Thr farmers have more money than most,also they get so much goverment help and and taxpayer money they never pay back! when its all said and done they sell there land to subdivision developers become millionaires! They are laughing all the way to the bank.

  24. Anonymous10:50 AM

    IM gonna wear a BIG YELLOW CHICKEN suit look for me clucking up and down miller park! I mite even lay an EGG!

  25. Hey I am a farmer it does not mean I like to freeze my ass off... Close the roof be smart !!

  26. I paid $100 for my ticket but have no problem with the roof being open. Would you rather be sitting on a tractor today? Have a good time I know that I will be :)

  27. Anonymous11:35 AM

    It should really cool to see a concert at miller park ! I do hope they close the roof its gonna be cold tonite

  28. Anonymous11:36 AM

    here here. close the damn roof. solidarity with farmers my ass. I work with crazy people. does not mean I want to see a show at the asylum>

  29. just drove by miller park


  30. Anonymous12:31 PM

    dude im fuckin hyped my gf came all the way from cali for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its gonna be wild tonight. i think you KNOW what i mean. just tryin to go to the lake, dave told me he's playing Halloween tonight..SO RIGHT <3

  31. JoAnna12:44 PM

    All you people saying close the roof have never been to Miller Park concert before? Even on a 50 degree day, with all those bodies in there, it'll be like a sauna!! Anyway, can't wait for the excited this is going on in my hometown!

  32. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Close the roof, please!

  33. Anonymous4:26 PM


  34. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Open the roof its hot in hear

  35. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Hope my husband ad brother in law are having a great time. Stay out of Bud Selig's box, ok guys? 8-)

  36. Anonymous6:07 PM

    A great show for a great cause!

  37. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Have some respect for the day, performers, farmers & what they are trying to do. What has happened to Americans showing no respect for others? And disrepecting whatever, who-ever simply because they think they have a right? Show respect Americans...

  38. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Any one else notice the accoutics was so bad you couldnt really understand the music clearly

  39. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Dear anonymous idiot: If you think that local family farms are getting rich off the government think again. My family has been farming for 3 generations and yes we get gov't tax credits, yes we can sell our land to developers if we so choose. If neither of these things happened, idiots like you wouldn't have a place to live or food to eat. If you prefer to continue eating pesticides from factory farms be my guest, then I guess we wouldn't have to put up with your bs comments for much longer =)

    My family has never been able to afford the concert. Luckily this year we are able to see it on TV... looks like a lot of fun. Thank you to all the great acts that gave their time for such a great cause!!!

  40. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Steven Tyler of Aerosmith performed "Once is enough" song with Willie during Willie Nelsons performance! The roof to the stadium was closed the whole time. Thank you for a great show!

  41. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Yes, we did notice the sound was TERRIBLE. It is a tough venue to mix sound in...but still you would think they would have someone who knows what they are doing behind the big board! It is a shame that such great talent ends up sounding so bad. John Mellencamp's sound crew should be fired! They were the worst! If the musicians could hear what we heard - they would be pissed! Unfortunately they can't hear the house - they should have people out there listening! The producers are more interested in making $$ than producing quality. In this instance - I am glad that they are looking at the bottom line and raising more money for Farm Aid.......but in all reality - all of those guys could pay a decent sound crew!

  42. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Jeff Tweedy was superb and outstanding.

  43. Went to show yesturday, it was awesome, roof was closed and it was confy! Bring it back to Miller park again, Thank You!!

  44. Anonymous6:43 AM

    I think the government should control farms with farming families being paid well, people to obviously inspect the food being paid, and distribution as well, but also engineers at the farms to set up and maintain solar panels and environmentally friendly renewable energy. That can power the farms and homes around the area, as well as create energy for the grid, which needs to be updated. I would love to see projects like this.

  45. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Neil Young, Dave Mathews, and Willie Nelson were my favorites, wish Neil Young would've played longer, and like someone said, wish the sound was a little better.

  46. Anonymous7:20 PM

    We were there from Springfield, IL and luckily our seats were upgraded to close and center stage. I think we were 16 or 17 row. The sound there was ok since we were close and very loud! Esp. loud when Neil came on stage, blew our ears out! We enjoyed it all, most all the performers did a fantastic job. Gospel to classic Rock, country, Pop, and a little lounge vibe. Music for everyone and family friendly except for the audience.

  47. was a great concert. Steven Tyler was a great surprise, John Mellencamp rocked.