Friday, September 10, 2010

Ever wanted to watch your favorite artist perform up close?

MattEver wanted to watch your favorite artist perform up close? Now's your chance to get even closer than the first row! Help us celebrate 25 years of Farm Aid by bidding on one-of-a-kind experiences and memorabilia from the Farm Aid vault. You'll have a great opportunity to own a piece of Farm Aid's history or experience history itself at Farm Aid 25.

Each item purchased helps support Farm Aid and its mission to build a vibrant family farm-centered system of agriculture in America. Family farmers do their part for America — what can you do?

The Farm Aid Experiences are up for auction now (the memorabilia auction starts October 2). Click here to place your bid!


  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Does anyone know the lineup with approximate times of each show? I can't be there the whole day due to babysitting issues but I have to see certain performers. Thanks!

  2. No, the lineup hasn't been finalized yet, but we will post that information as soon as it's available.

  3. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Is there a time frame for when it ends? I know it starts about noon, but am arranging sitterts and more details needed.

  4. The concert will end around 11pm.

  5. Nancy7:19 PM

    Will the schedule of the lineup indicates times for the performers? I , too have to make arrangements for kids and this is hard when the timeframe states 10AM til 11PM Hopefully a time schedule will be posted soon!