Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Willie Nelson gives thanks in USA Today

Today's USA Today had a great feature where people wrote in to share their thoughts about Thanksgiving during these difficult times. We were happy to see our very own president, Willie Nelson, have his letter published:

Enjoy bounty from farms

I'm thankful for the family farmers who put good food on our tables and offer practical solutions to the economic, environmental and energy challenges we face. We can't wait to address these urgent challenges; now is the time to strengthen our economy, find new ways to achieve energy independence and take steps to halt climate change.

These problems won't be solved without the work of family farmers. They enrich our local economies by feeding their communities and finding ways to bring fresh, healthy foods to people who have little access to it. They're on the cutting edge of alternative energy production.

Although our country faces challenges as monumental as those during the Great Depression, on Thanksgiving we will gather with friends and family to find comfort in local, seasonal food from family farms. I'll give thanks for the family farmers who grew this food, and know that the bounty and solutions they provide go far beyond the meals on our tables.
Check out the article to read other people's submissions.

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  1. Carman Smith5:54 AM

    I have heard recently that a cow emission tax may be placed on the shoulders of our country's farmers. This would surely bankrupt farms as well as significantly increase the price for meat in our country. What is Willie's and rest of Farm Aid's position on this issue? Will Farm Aid stand up for these farmers as well?