Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where do Barack Obama and John McCain stand on family farm issues?

Is this election over yet? Not quite, but there’s less than two weeks to go! It seems like the campaigning has been going on for years (and in one way or another, it has!), but do we know everything we need to know to make an informed decision about our next president? Just what are McCain and Obama’s policies on food, agriculture, and the future of our family farms?

Those topics are something we don’t see the candidates address often enough, but they do have opinions and this month’s Ask Hilde column breaks it all down for us with an easy to read chart comparing the positions of both Obama and McCain.

So read up and remember to vote on November 4!


  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    The election is over and my congratulations to Barak Obama for his win. I want to let him know I am for the USA growing their own foods and to stop importing foods that we can grow from other countries. There are solid, proven "scientific" facts that make shipping foods all over the world a dangerous operation. The USA is blessed with the space, the climate and all the right incredients to grow wonderful foods so let's get back to basics. Let's allow the US farmers to supply our foods and let's stop importing foods from China and other countries that we can supply ourselves. Please, as a country, let's regain our common sense and get back to basics.

    Missy in Mass.

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