Thursday, September 18, 2008

You’ve Just Got to Expect Good Food at a Farm Aid Concert!

Coming to Farm Aid 2008 Presented by Whole Foods Market and Horizon Organic should be a very unique experience! Not only will visitors see some great musicians perform, but when’s the last time you had local, organic, humanely-raised, and family-farm food at a concert? Some of the usual suspects like pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches will be joined by burritos, pitas, corn on the cob, baked goods, fresh fruits and vegetables. All will be of the highest quality and demonstrate what is possible when you put a little effort in to bring family farm food to more people.

At Farm Aid, we’re big fans of composting, so the plates, serviceware, and napkins are all compostable, along with the food waste. We’ll have volunteers on hand to help differentiate between compostable items and recyclable items – do your part to minimize our trash.

Finally, remember that carpooling is good! Check out PickupPal if you have extra space in your car, or if you need a ride to the show.

For full details on how Farm Aid is transforming this year’s concert with family farm food and sustainable production, see our press release.


  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Mmmmmm....I can't wait for my first Farm Aid experience, and it sounds like I won't be dissapointed in the music, the atmosphere or the food! See you all there!

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Me too! I am so excited!

  3. MBROBB3:35 PM

    I can't wait for Saturday either, however, I have one big complaint: No info on handicap parking. I've called Comcast Center many times and left many messages, but no one there has had the courtesy to call me back.
    I should not have to pay $43.00 for premium parking because of my disability!


  4. If you have a handicap placard, there is ample handicap parking for free at the Comcast Center. Just show your placard as you drive into the parking lot and staff will wave you in the right direction. It's the same distance or closer than the VIP parking. There are also portajohns right there.

    Have a great day!

  5. Anonymous7:54 PM


    There is handicapped parking up near the pavillion itself. It does not cost any extra to park there with your placard. Just show your Handicapped Placard to the parking attendants and they will wave you to the proper area. See you there!