Thursday, September 18, 2008

What time does my favorite artist _________ go on?

One of the questions Farm Aid staff gets asked a lot in the week or two leading up to the concert is, “What time will my favorite artist, ____ _____, play at the Farm Aid concert?” We’re almost ready for the big reveal – Saturday at 9am we’ll post the artist schedule on the Lineup Page on


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Farm Aid,
    Thanks for this consideration! It really is a huge help! We would love to stay for the entire concert, but we are caregivers and I'm pregnant, so we can only stay for 4-6 hours tops. We greatly appreciate being able to better choose which of those hours we'll attend and of, courser, the linefup announcement will affect that decision.

    I'm sure there are thousands of other legitimate stories from the other concert goers about the desire to know this information. We can also recognize and appreciate that concerts on this scale will always have schedules adjustments on day of....however, getting a general idea really is a great courtesy to your supporters!


  2. jaygee1:12 PM

    totally agree !

  3. how about tonight???
    (won't have computer access

  4. Anonymous9:11 AM

    It's past nine by my count. That schedule going up soon? Thanks.

  5. Anonymous9:34 AM

    so much for that 9AM lineup post

  6. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Past 9:00 and still no times. Any updates?

  7. Is there anyone going up later just for the headliners or 4 hours that is leaving from Boston that I could catch a ride to/from with? There are only a small handful of acts I want to see.... John Mellencamp mostly. Plus, I couldn't find anyone around today to help out with my dog so I am limited to under 6 hours total. I don't even have a ticket but from what I hear there will be people desperate to unload their extra tickets at the event so I should be safe if I just show up.

    Let me know people!