Saturday, September 20, 2008

Leslie's music review of some of the early bands

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals played a short but soulful set. Grace’s bluesy-rock voice is so powerful that she doesn’t even need a mic, belting out the chorus to “Nothing But The Water” with only the clapping beat of the crowd complementing her as she and her band marched off the stage. Another highlight from her set was definitely the four man drum jam that had the whole crowd clapping along.

Every great festival needs a jam band. Moe’s three man guitar play and beautiful vocal harmonizing had fans on their feet, especially during their signature song “Tailspin.”

In true country-folk form, Arlo Guthrie sent the crowd a clear message about the tragic state of the world today, sticking up for the hardworking man of America in the process. Appropriately singing about how he wanted to change his name to “Fannie Mae” so he could reap the monetary benefits of the government, he had the crowd’s approving laughs and cheers behind him.


  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I've been asleep for a while... totally missing Grace Potters entrance to the world of music... I moved from Burlington (and Nectors) before Phish but that's no excuse.

    Farm Aid was great - what incredible sets from incredible performers but it was "nothing but the water" that stuck with me.

    I'll have to ask my friend (a farmer who just went bankrupt) what Farm Aid did for him tho...

  2. Boldo1:06 PM

    Grace Potter and the Noturnals were by far the best music of the early performers and perhaps of the whole concert. The major acts were great, but for my wife and I, Grace Potter was the standout!