Sunday, September 21, 2008

Concert Day Recap

It's hard to believe that Farm Aid 2008 Presented by Whole Foods Market and Horizon Organic is over. It was an amazing day and we'll bring you some more highlights over the next several days. But with all of the blogging that went on yesterday, I wanted to give a handy place to read all about what went on during the day. Videos, blog posts, photos, and even a poem! If you missed out yesterday, now's your chance:
Some quick stats for yesterday's concert-blogging: 24 posts. First post at 7:55am. Last post at 11:53pm. Thanks again to everyone for such a great day!

Still to come: more videos, photos, and overall Farm Aid goodness.


  1. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Tix cost enough (as small farmers ourselves) but even though offerings were great, $12 sausages and $8 beer was outrageous! We're broke and that was our first time away in 10 years! aaaaagh!

  2. M.Ellen12:33 PM

    I only speak form myself when I say that eating a organic burger that actually tasted good was worth the 12 dollars. I thought the food was fantastic. Best I ahd ever seen at a concert and the prices seemed the same as other shows at the comcast center but the quality was amazing.

    I would pay more and next time will buy a better seat but that was the absolute best show.

    People were great great cause. I felt like I was treated really well. Chance of a lifetime to see those artists all together.

  3. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I agree. The prices for food and drink were out of sight. $12 for a hamberger $9 for a hotdog so it didn't get much cheaper looking around. Why were they trying to charge $40 to park? I didn't understand the point of that. The venue was good. I agree that it was fabulous to see all those artists in one place.

  4. Ok, first off, that was an amazing day. I never thought I'd get to see so many legends, nevermind all in the same day. Grace Potter made a couple new fans in me and my father (who was the one who decided we should go to Farm Aid) and Dave stole the show with his set. Now, for one last there any way to get setlists from the performers?

  5. Anonymous5:02 PM

    I had a FANTASTIC time at the show! I don't think Farm Aid was responsible for setting food prices, but thanks for the opportunity to eat GOOD food instead of the same ol' concert crap!

    What a great day and wonderful vibe!

  6. Wright8:21 PM

    I personally loved the food, farmers, homegrown village, and the show. I flew, commuter trained, taxi cabbed, and subwayed my way across America, coming from Canada just to support farm aid. A 10$ burrito was well worth it considering I had spent 1500$ alone to get there. My gramps took me to the first Farm Aid in 84-85 I think, I was like 6 yrs old. Now, at 30, I was the Proud Canadian holding that sign up in section 9, and who knows for another 24 years I might very well be again. Kudos to the Cause...Save North American Farmers.. Save North Americans.. Period.

  7. Wright, I saw your sign, front row near the edge of the section? I was in the last row of Sec 4 (too close to the guy who wouldn't stop yelling all day)

  8. Anonymous6:38 PM

    I'm a HUGE supporter of Farm-Aid and have traveled across the country many times to wherever the concert took place.

    This year I have to say that the food prices were outrageous. Does good food REALLY have to be that expensive? French fries at $9.00? We need to make this an affordable concert for more people and, unfortunately, the word has gotten out already that it's too expensive. If proceeds from the food were going to the Farm-Aid cause I would have been more willing to accept the prices.

  9. My first farm-aid. GREAT SHOW! I was surprised at the lax security, they are usually more hard core there (way to go Willy!) The food was great and pricey but like others have said i've paid the same for crap in the past there. I was a little disappointed in the village. I wanted to see more products from the farms like they do at farmers markets. The show was amazing. Really loved Arlo's song about wall street. I would love to get a copy. It was also fun to watch Jerry Lee go so fast on the piano his band couldn't keep up. Pretty good for an old guy! Tim Reynolds gets the prize for most amazing musician of the night and of course Neil Young gets the feedback award. I hope they have it somewhere I can travel to next year!

  10. sheryl1:22 PM

    I loved farm aid, first time I got to watch it but I was a bit confused about Christine Hines and the Pretenders. She wears a shirt that said tax meat and then cant wait for the day all McDonalds are gone and slaughter houses are burnt to the ground. Maybe she got confused and thought this was VeggieAid

  11. Amazing day! Seeing Neil play live made my life complete

  12. Anonymous9:58 AM

    This was our first FarmAid also and it was AWESOME! We would definitely fly, drive, walk, whatever, to the next one! And thanks DirectTV/Farm Aid for getting me on TV during Jerry Lee Lewis' performance (wearing my TB Rays shirt - we need all the national exposure we can get!!)
    Thanks again and see you next year!