Saturday, September 20, 2008

Aaaaand, that's a wrap! Farm Aid 2008 is over!

Willie has played his final tune (with the help of a couple dozen people on stage) and Farm Aid 2008 Presented by Whole Foods Market and Horizon Organic is over! Thanks so much for a wonderful show this year, and thanks for watching the Farm Aid concert! The show will be running continuously on DIRECTV through Sunday night and will continue to be available on forever!


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  2. Anonymous1:15 AM

    last i heard farms had cows, goats,chickens and other animals and yes people eat them.And then here is chrissy and the pretenders and their peta views. I say to never have them back. They ruined the whole show for me.

  3. Anonymous7:46 AM

    i agree with anonymous,was it unplugged?

  4. Anonymous11:19 AM

    What a show.... Arlo Guthrie being the quitessiential 60's advocate for people! Pay attention you 20 something's... a man who has a statement to make. Jerry Lee rocked the house, and Neil closing with a 'Day in the Life' ... who ever saw that coming? Not only did John manage to work through an electrically challenged guitar... but the cell phone bit added a refreshing take on his mid-America set.

    Sure, the sound quality was a little short of professional and some of the acts were off quicker than a bad act at a traveling circus. I mean... how does moe. ever finish a set in 10 minutes? They usually are warming up for more that 30 minutes! But the day was great, sunshine, crisp air, Jerry Lee rocking like he was still 20, touring with Johhny, Ray and June! Jakob made you reminesce about Bob, and some heartfelt music from Kenny.

    I am sure we will see several complaints here, but the biggest were the fans in the parking lot and at the concert that missed the point of Farm Aid... Leaving plastic, paper, styrafoam, and beer cans all over the parking lot, in front of recycle bins and garbage cans.

    Thanks Willie, Neil, John and Dave... can't wait till next year.

  5. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Kudos to Anonymous at 11:19 am for a great summary! I also noticed the garbage in the parking lots and all over the ampitheater. There were plenty of areas with trash cans, recycle bins and even an area for compostable material! If we can't even keep a concert venue clean how can we have any hope for a clean planet? Good food comes from clean soil! Thanks to Willie, Neil, John and Dave for another great year! What you guys do to help out is amazing, and I wish more people would follow the example you set! You guys rock!

  6. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I agree with all of the above, what a great day but too bad the trash seemed to runneth over and the college crowd seemed to think drunker was better. Can't wait for next year

  7. Anonymous5:06 PM

    It's unfortunate that any member of this years Farm Aid audience could claim the entire experience was tainted by one artists comments/opinion on eating meat. If Farm Aid were to exclude artists who are passionate and vocal on issues that impact the world, our health and the environment - there would be no one left to play.

  8. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Great show Loved all the ranges of music Hats off to the promoters and the Farm Aid office and the volunteers Food was great but a little pricey I too saw some issues with the younger crowd and felt that those who stayed out in the parking lot to "tailgate" missed the point of the event I bet those were probably some of the ones that left behind the mess Especially the discarded butts

    Although Farm Aid is usually one big concert event, could a permanent date be set aside so that more than one concert could be held in one location I remember going to a Dead Show one year and they had the band play live at their venue but it was shown on TV at the Farm Aid concert location
    I was thinking to the like of Earth Day events having multiple events at different locations. Maybe the big 5 could split apart and have these around the country but linked via TV Just a thought
    I am a supporter of Natural and organic food. We started as organic matter in the dawn of time so why not continue that way. Why alter what has been given to us in a natural state
    That’s my 2 cents Peace on the Increase