Friday, July 11, 2008

Introducing Erin the Intern

Hello, Farm Aid blog readers!

This is Erin, Farm Aid’s new intern for the summer and fall. I’m here on a “co-op” job from Northeastern University, where I just finished my third year as a journalism major. (That’s “middler year” to all you non-NU people; we are a five-year school, so I am actually going into my junior year).

My first day at the office was Monday, and I’ve been spending the week getting acclimated, and beginning some projects. We’re putting together the “media book” from last year’s concert in New York City. The media book is a compilation of all the press that Farm Aid generated around the concert. Farm Aid puts one of these together yearly, with each concert, and they serve as a great example of the level of press and attention that Farm Aid is able to generate!

Of course, the big news around here right now is that we are having a press conference on Tuesday with John Mellencamp to announce the location of the 2008 concert!

I think the office is awesome. I’m still learning the secret of unlocking one of the doors (but if I can’t get in, there’s a bell). I hear this is the most fully staffed Farm Aid’s been for a while so for the moment I have sort of a floating workspace. I’m using Anna’s desk right now while since she’s on vacation. Anna deals with a lot of the merchandise inventory and orders, and right now I’m sort of boxed in on two sides by boxes of t-shirts – neatly organized and labeled by size, of course. Speaking of t-shirts, I’ve just seen some designs for this year’s concert. From what I understand, at least one new shirt will be available for sale online the day of the press conference.

As my first week here comes to an end, I’m thinking that I’m very excited to be working here. Here are five unique things about the office at Farm Aid: (1) People can bring their dogs to work; (2) If you shout loud enough, pretty much anybody in any part of the office can hear you; (3) People prepare (even cook) their lunches here, just bringing bags of vegetables from a local farmers market; (4) Everyone seems to be on a first-name basis with “Willie”; and (5) Everyone seems to believe in their work, and that belief is also incorporated into their lives.

I think this blog is going to be sort of a weekly thing, but of course there are quite a few people posting on the this site, so keep checking back!


  1. right on! Erin

    the #1 main issue should be the immediate growing of HEMP as the solution for ALL American farmers
    my site has some links to data BACH,Hemp Car etc. and

    as we also wish to use hemp seed oil, as in FINOLA {c} for my poor fishermen's boats we are redesigning with a 3 cyl 50 hp bio-diesel motor from Brazil to El Salvador
    [fishermen are farmers of the sea]

    we also hope to start next year raising fresh water prawns in near poverty level counties in N.Eastern NC, as the yield can be $6-8000 acre vs subsidized soy at $300 and corn and cotton at $0 per acre profit

    ok, wake up 'sheeples'
    time to mobilize for action like the old days
    vamos a ver

    keep it blogging

    Senor Pescado

  2. Hello Erin!

    My name is Caroline Malcolm and I am a rising college sophomore at Northeastern! I am so thrilled to see that a fellow husky is doing her co-op at Farm Aid, as it is my goal to do the same! I have been following Farm Aid's work and attending their concerts since I was a little girl. (I can't believe the show is in Mansfield this year)

    I am an Environmental Studies major (with an as-of-yet undecided dual major) and I hope to be able to volunteer at Farm Aid before trying to arrange a co-op with them. If you have any advice on how to get involved with the organization, I'd really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts, and I hope you have a wonderful experience!

  3. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Please get Grace Potter & the Nocturnals to play the show. They are simply amazing band. Grace could sing the telephone book & it would be fantastic.

  4. Anonymous1:37 PM

    My name is Mary Ann Reed. I wish you well, Erin. Two quick questions:

    1.Will "Farm Aid" be offering eco-friendly transportation and eco- friendly lodging suggestions?

    2.Will "Farm Aid" be involved in something similar to the "So Much To Save" campaign?

    Thank you. Peace.

  5. Melissa, Cincinnati, OH1:48 PM

    Welcome to Farm Aid Erin! When I think of what it would be like to intern there, thoughts of my mother reading "Oh the places we will go" come to mind!

  6. Erin - Glad you're interning at Farm Aid...sounds like a great place to work. There's much to be said for working in a small office, your own little community if you will. Consider yourself lucky that you can bring your veggies to work and cook them. Awesome! Maybe that novel idea will make it's way to upstate New York.

  7. Hello Erin! hope you're having fun... I'm shocked that Farm Aid 2008 has sold out... well, not really because it's such amazing talent... but... despite the greatness of the event, you are probly NOT seeing many of the REAL family farmers in the crowd of ticket purchasers... I am married to a Vermont dairy farmer and run a small newspaper in the Champlain Valley called Rural Route Today... I hope my media credentials will provide me with the option of getting to the concert... IF I am able to make the trip... anyway, it's a great effort by wonderful people. I actually got to meet Willie Nelson momentarily here in Vermont... such a sweetheart! Enjoy your work!
    p.s. I concur about Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. They are HOT in music terms... and very good people, too.

  8. Senor Pescado also will give 'kudos' to Grace and The Nocturnals'
    ellos son de la buena