Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Willie Nelson delivers Family Farm Disaster Funds in Iowa

Willie Nelson met with farmers in Tama, Iowa last Saturday to give a $10,000 Farm Aid grant check to the newly formed group called the Iowa Farm Disaster Relief Coalition.

The farmers met with Willie on the bus. Farmers Mark Anderson and Barbara Grant brought lovely organic vegetables from their farm for Willie, his wife Annie, two sons and crew.

The farmers, Willie and Annie had a thoughtful conversation about the impact of the flood on farmers and on the environment. The gathering gave people hope that this flood can bring more people together to create a stronger and better sustainable agriculture in Iowa that delivers good food for all.

Earlier in the day Willie gratefully accepted a check from Mark Stanley, who represented Best Buy as they donated $10,000. With an additional donation of $25,000 from WhiteWave, makers of Horizon Organic and Silk Soymilk, and donations from people like YOU, Farm Aid has raised $50,000 so far for the Family Farm Disaster Fund!

We are preparing to give grants to the other states hit by rain and floods, including WI, IN, IL, and MO.

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  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    HI WILLIE June 28, 2008

    This was fantastic,Why Willie , you,re an artist tell me why does it always take deaster to to bring the eyes of the blind into focus. America I urge you to give to this worht while entity , this is the like source of our beginnings . gives a new meaning to the Words "SOUL FOOD" , let use gett an understanding in that if we give this way then there willnot need to bemuch by way of hunger, sickness and desease, still there is hope for those areas also.But let us begin with the fuits of the earth to insure that we are healthy enough to continue all the rest.
    Just One MORE; I urge you to write Willie and the crew to request and encourage the development of the farm aid T-shirt ,"The Farmer In The HAT" and order in additional support and let others know , WE ARE HERE!

    contiued blessings to you Willie and THE WHOLE FARM AID CREW

    Michael Tinson