Monday, May 19, 2008

Glenda visits a Virginia farmers market

Every farmers market has its own charm and its own set of characters. On a weekend trip to Harrisonburg, Virginia, I met the Muddybike Urban Garden Project farmers. They promised that only the bikes are muddy, not the vegetables! And it was true; the lettuce looked crisp and green. This group includes people who are homeless or in difficult circumstances, organized as a way for people to help each other in tough times. They grow food, and pedal it over to the farmers market. How enterprising!

And then I visited a micro dairy. Just look at the cream rising to the top of those glass jars of milk! Butter and cream was available too, to people who purchase “shares” in the cows.

And then I sat on the plane and saw an interview with Martha Stewart talking with Kim Severson of the New York Times. And Martha, who should know, quite confidently declared that the increase in farmers markers is, in fact, a movement for good food. It’s not temporary and it’s not for privileged people only It’s for everyone! And that's what Farm Aid has been saying all along! Family farmers bring good food to all!


  1. Glenda,
    Who are the people in the Muddy Bikes Farm photo? There is lots of good ferment in the valley in developing New Agriculture options. The food service director at EMU is way interested in buying locally, and is trying to find support. There's a local food support network developing, helped by Eric Bendtfield, the local Extension agent. A group is working to bring John Jeavons in next spring as well. - Greg

  2. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I am sorry that I don't know the names of these people! Yes, lots of great activity is happening in the area, and the schools are planning a Local Food Day October 1 all across the state! Glenda

  3. His name is Tom Beneveto (sp?)

    I have his phone number if you want it.