Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Willie!

All of us here in the Farm Aid office wish our Board President, Willie Nelson, a happy 75th birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Willie
    I love you.
    Your such an enlightened soul and i look forward to the day i get to tell you that in person.

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Happy Birthday, Willie

    Much love from Nervene Bean (Your first girl from middle school)

  3. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Thanks for doing what you're doing.
    Respectfully, karen gabor

  4. Happy Birthday Willie from Edmonton Alberta, Canada

    You are a Modern Day Maverick, please join me sometime for an interview on my global radio talk show.I run a series called Modern Day Mavericks and you definitely fill that bill.

    A great plug for Farm Aid.Thank you Willie.

  5. Willie


    You are a great gift to FAMILY FARMERS!

    Together, our struggles save more than 500 farmers from Suicide with our AGLINK Farm Crisis Hotline in Oklahoma.......thanks for all your support!

    The Rev. Dr. Max E. Glenn

    (and Mona Lee Brock, too)

  6. Happy Birthday Willie! I've loved you for a long time; traveled many places and times to see you. I'm too shy to tell you in person, but your understated humor and overall good sense makes you an endearing soul. You're a hero and standout individual to me. mary :o) p.s. we share the same birthday, different year! :o)

  7. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Willie: Happy Birthday Darlyn !!!! Your the greatest person, who really shows how much he cares about this Countrys People.. Right on Dude. I would also like to say. Please say Hello to your bus Driver Larry for me. I know him from San Jose California. You will be in a town close to me in Septer a few days befor my Birthday, Hope your doing Well..
    Reguards to you and your Family