Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nahreen Has all the Details

Who’s excited for Farm Aid 2007: A HOMEGROWN Festival? Oh I am! We know those of you have already bought your tickets are anxious to get your travel arrangements taken care of, so we’ve created a ticket package for you. And those of you who still plan to buy your tickets will want to make your travel arrangements asap! With so much going on in New York City, it’s hard to suggest the best area for fans to book their stay. But we’re hoping the information provided about the location of Randall’s Island and how to get to the venue will help you decide where to book a hotel.

Download our ticket package here.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Laura’s Got the Real Dirt on Farmer John

After years of talking with farmers on the Farm Aid hotline, I’ve learned that the story of a farm is deeply personal and takes more than a few minutes to tell. But if you look at my notes, you start to see some threads in common; dusty black and white memories of rides on the tractor with Dad, Mom’s vegetable garden, inheriting the farm, worrying about how to keep the legacy alive, threats from developers, trying something new for the first time, loss, victory and delicious homegrown food.

The film The Real Dirt on Farmer John tells this story in a wonderfully personal and quirky way. The film has won 30 awards and has received accolades from people like Al Gore that called the film “unbelievably special” and Alice Waters who named Farmer John “ a charming, wonderful and important movie.” If you want to understand the story of the American farm past to present, with some wild twists along the way, go see this movie! It opens in New York theaters on June 22. For a full list of showings click here.

Farm Aid is also a funder of the non-profit Angelic Organics Learning Center that John Peterson founded on his farm. At the Learning Center, new generations of farmers and eaters are carrying on the work of creating sustainable food systems, growing delicious food and spreading the story of the family farm.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Farm Aid Ticket Info

Farm Aid Ticket Info

Ticket prices for Farm Aid 2007: A HOMEGROWN Festival will be as follows:
$52 general admission
$102 reserved seats
$302 reserved VIP
$1002 reserved second row VIP
$1502 first row VIP

Farm Yard members will have access to a special pre-sale starting tomorrow morning at 10am ET.

All ticket prices include a $2 facility fee. Ticketmaster tickets will have an additional handling fee.

VIP package includes catering in exclusive area, other amenities.
The portion of the VIP ticket that exceeds $150 is considered a donation to Farm Aid and is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Jen checks in from The Big Apple

Some of us from the office are just getting back from NYC after our big announcement on Monday. We spent Monday night scanning the local tv news and checking the Google News hits on the announcement. We did pretty darn good in the biggest media market of the world! We even stood for a while watching one of the giant video screens in Times Square, watching for Farm Aid on the big screen (We’ll post that photo as soon as we have it!) Tuesday morning, we had coffee while comparing the stories in the local and national papers. The NY Sun got a great shot of Willie, John, and NYC Mayor Bloomberg sampling some snap peas at a stand in the Union Square farmers market.

After the announcement, Willie and John stuck around for interviews and to sign autographs for people at the Union Square farmers market. Willie, champion of our heroes – family farmers – (and a hero in his own right!) spent some time with some NYC heroes from the Fire Department, taking pictures and signing their hats.

With the announcement done, the nitty-gritty planning begins! After the announcement, we went to the concert venue to talk about how we’ll set up the site. This year’s show will be different from those past, with more room for experimentation. Randall’s Island is a park on an island in the East River. It’s a big open park, but already with 35,000 concertgoers and interactive exhibits and activities planned, the space is filling up fast! We can’t wait and hope you can’t either! If you’re a member of the Farm Yard, you’ll have a chance to get the best seats in the house through our pre-sale tomorrow morning.

See you in the Big GREEN Apple! And if you’re reading this from NYC, make sure you get to your local farmers market soon to pick up the sweetest local strawberries ever! I ate nearly an entire quart of them at the Union Square farmers market on Monday!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Laura Says Farm Aid's Gonna Rock NYC!!

Can you believe it?!?! Farm Aid in NYC! I have been working on a pun that references the movie "Babe: Pig in the City" but I haven't quite figured it out yet. We are so pumped about Farm Aid 2007: A HOMEGROWN Festival at Randall's Island. 100% delicious family farm food, good tunes and a summer of events in a huge urban food and farm hub. On the DL, this show has been in the works for a few years and we are just thrilled that the time has come to bring Farm Aid into the lives of New Yorkers, to work with upstate farmers and urban growers and to show all of our concert growers that even after 22 years we have a few surprises up our sleeves!


Laura Gets Ready for a Big Day at Farm Aid

Today's the day! Finally, we get to share with everyone what we've had up our sleeves for the past few months. Farm Aid staff have been hard at work since after last year's concert to make sure that this year's is a Farm Aid concert like no other. Glenda and Carolyn are on the bus with Willie as we speak and Mark and Ted are heading off to the site of our press conference to make sure absolutely everything is perfect for our big announce. I am so excited to share the news. Stay tuned for more details as the day goes on.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Glenda Talks With The Cows

Looking at farming from the point of view of the plants or from the point of view of the animals is an interesting kind of proposition. Michael Pollan gave us a “corny” point of view— brilliantly--in The Botany of Desire and the Omnivore’s Dilemma. He showed us how corn has evolved to meet the desires of humans, and in doing so, corn has become ubiquitous.

And now I hear some cows are speaking up for themselves! According to their Bovine Bill of Rights, they want humans to choose milk that comes from cows that are given the rights to pasture, sunshine, exercise, clean air, and freedom from antibiotics and toxic chemicals. If you want to meet my friends, scope out