Friday, September 07, 2007

Wendy answers "What band is playing when?"

I was in the Farm Aid office this morning and WOW! were the phones busy. So many of you want to know more concert details! I spoke with some amazing folks and all had the same questions. Here are the answers I've been giving out:

Doors open at noon and the music starts soon after.
We expect the show to end before 11 p.m.
We don't have a schedule of performance times just yet-- but we're working on it!

I'm not sure we'll publish it before the show begins but if we have it ahead of time (and that's a big if) I'll post it here.


  1. RobProp4:52 PM

    I noticed that Ray Price and Merle Haggard are off of the Line up page.
    Are they still playing?
    What is the approx. time of a " full festival set", that the headliners are playing?
    How much time will the other acts get?

    Can you tell us a bit more of what to expect from the food concessions?

    Thanks for all the work,

  2. Sadly due to scheduling conflicts Ray Price and Merle Haggard will not be able to play.

  3. And, I hear a press release about food concessions is coming out soon- when it does I'll post the link to it on the main Farm Aid website.

  4. very lame not to announce who will play when. some of us have other things to do than sit for 11 hours even when supporting a great cause. i know of NO festival in the united states that fails to publish performance schedule in advance.

  5. any word on lineup schedule?

  6. I totally agree with Steve. I don't understand why no schedule has been announced. I already paid for my tickets, i just want to make sure that i won't miss some of my favorite acts if i show up at 4.

  7. Sorry we don't have the lineup- usually the delay is caused by bands being adding, artists deciding to combine sets etc. Since I don't get to see the rundown either I'm not sure what the hold up is this year. But I'll keep asking for it!

  8. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Where is the schedule???

  9. Anonymous9:37 AM

    any info available regarding if you can leave the venue and then regain addmission? Perhaps they will have the lineup schedule once you get inside so you can come back when the acts you want to see are on.

  10. Anonymous9:48 AM

    At least you can break up the artist into time buckets, so we know the possibilities. I gave these tickets as a gift and now I feel bad because they may miss some of their favorite performers. Even if you just could up out some of the bigger names that would help. Something please

  11. just unconfirmed but i heard derek trucks would play about 330 and that greg allman would be after that and of course neil would be toward the end. how hard can it be. i cant believe all of these artists will come at 12 and wait around to find out when they will play. they must have done sound check yesterday. better to post what they know even if subject to change.oh well.

  12. Mike C.10:49 AM

    agree with all on schedule. this is not vans warped tour for younger peeps that can hang all day. plus you got the mets game and us open...planning around traffice is vital! a little help please?

  13. The show will be broadcast live on Direct TV starting at 4 pm, that tells me the concert won't start until 4 pm.