Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ryan Says Ready Set and GO!

So the concert started, a little late, but it started!

Jesse Lenat performed a hot set to start us off. Titty Bingo – Willie’s sister’s band was unable to perform, so Pauline Reese is on stage now… so all the times are now shifted and I do not know them in detail.

To respond to some comments. Yes Jimmy Sturr is polka – but polka like you have never seen or heard before… it always brings the house to their feet.
And Warren Haynes is here without Gov’t Mule – but that doesn’t mean he will be solo – it is not uncommon for someone like a Dave or Willie to join him.
And as far as there being a final acoustic finale with Dave, Willie, Neil and John – well it hasn’t happened since I have been coming to the concert – but THAT would be amazing!


  1. Andrew1:21 PM

    Ryan, are you going to be inviting some unsuspecting attendee to go the front row this year?

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    THAT WOULD BE THE FINALE OF FINALES.. haha! thanks for the updates. keep it up. can't wait for dave&tim!

  3. Linda1:30 PM

    Thanks so much for your posts. I wish I was there so much, and then no live feed this year. I'm grateful for your play by play today.


  4. Linda, you can listen to the farm aid concert live at I am listening right now to Jimmy Sturr and his orchestra. This band has been The #1 Polka Band in the Country for the past ten years running! So far the music has been very good. I cant wait for The Allman Brothers Band, The Derek Trucks Band, Warren Haynes, and so many more great acts. You can check my music out at let me know what you think people. Regards,


  5. Anonymous1:45 PM

    what time will warren be on ?

  6. Just wanted to see how the VIP tent is set up--do you have to pay for drinks and food inside the tent?

  7. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Any setlists someone can post? What songs did the Counting Crows, Allman Bros, Dave Matthews, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, etc. play? What was the show's finale? Thank you.

  8. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Hey does anyone have any experiences on farm aid, or been to a concert? If so either post a comment or send to

    Thank You