Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ryan has video of Dave's soundcheck

The day begins with the concert press conference, where all the artists come together to talk about Farm Aid and the cause of good food. During the prep, I headed off to the media tent where more than 300 different types of media will be hanging out interviewing New York farmers and various artists. The tent needed to be notched up in d├ęcor so my brother and I put our decorating skills to test.

We realized that we needed some chairs from the VIP tent in the back for artists and major donors…so I went exploring. I rounded the corner near the stage and bumped into none than other – Dave Matthews. He was wandering, by himself…he looked lost so I directed him to the stage for his soundcheck….

It was great to see him here so early in the day and ready to go. Then I realized that in about 15 minutes he was supposed to be at the press conference. Confirming the timing lapse was the anxious row of golf carts waiting for Neil, Willie, John and Dave to get together for photos and cart over to the Icahn stadium for the open air press conference.

This video shows Dave Matthew’s soundcheck on Randall’s Island – 10:45 amSept. 9th, 2007.


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  1. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Dave is such a hardworking and super talented artist. His demeanor is so easy and natural that his talent is second nature. His sense of humor is refreshing and adds to the sense that he is a humble guy. I have loved him and his band for over 10 years and becoming a part of Farm Aid has only endeared him more.