Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ryan Exposes the VIP Tent – By Comment Request

The VIP tent was to stage left and back in a shaded area. There were great shade trees and green green grass. White picket fences line different areas, and people are mellow, quiet and chill.

Tables are lined with black and white checkered table clothes. High round tables are topped with veggies, fruit and snacks. It is a concert utopia. I should have come sooner. The food tent is amazingly decorated – I have a sense there will be a bunch of hay, pumpkins and corn available after the concert. I am greeted with smiling faces, handing out FREE programs…flat screen tv's show the concert to onlookers.

I have never have felt something so laidback. They even had special restroom trailers that were clean and large. Their own private ATM and to answer the golden question… no the beer was not free – but water, organic sodas and juices were free for the taking.

It is obvious, that VIP is the way to go.


  1. Anonymous3:28 PM

    The VIP area was really set up to attend to the needs of about HALF the people they shoved into it. No bottled water was available on a very hot sticky day. The portapotties in the VIP area were filthy beyond belief. Feces on the floorl. Trash can overflowing at the beginning of the day, NOON! Even after repeated complaints they were never cleaned. Toliet paper simply stacked in the middle of the wet floor just inside the door.

    Is it really so important to sell all those VIP upgrades when there is no chance the service can be provided? Those of us who paid $1500 per seat were jammed in a line with the rest of the sheep or left begging for bags of crackers or cookies for a snack while the tables were left vacant and empty of food. Filthy bathrooms, no water, they ran out of wine, beer, snacks? Dinner was late and the line was very long. Does this sound like VIP?

    Why were the Verizon people given their separate area? It took away further space from the VIP tent and went mostly unused. An insult to those of us sitting in the DUST eating our dinner.

    These four gracious gentlemen and their families who represent FARM AID deserve to have their special guests treated with the same respect they would have given them.

    Try again and apologize. Please!

  2. Anonymous3:40 PM

    This is an interesting story. It's no more then a story. It may have looked that way before the guests arrived, but I doubt this reviewer actually looked inside those "clean" bathrooms. They were foul and filthy all day long. There wasn't any cold water. If you fished the ice cubes out of the chests holding canned drinks and found a small paper cup you could make yourself some ice water - at least a sip of it?

    If this was your idea of VIP you can keep it.

  3. Anonymous5:20 PM

    The VIP tent was disorganized at best. The food ran out at the "snack" time which was 3:00 so that by the time dinner came at 4:30 the VIPs were ravenous. I would say there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the mistakes during this event. Hopefully these comments will be read carefully and utilized when planning the next Farm Aid.

  4. Anonymous4:18 PM

    I had an artist pass and went everywhere I wanted,, all the tents and bathrooms. I had water in all areas, plenty of good food. The porta-potties were not bad, just never look down and see what is in the hole, the seat was clean. The trailer bathrooms were fine where I went.They were cool, fairly clean and had paper hanging up. These folks just want to complain. The whole day was perfect, not to hot, a good breeze and the security was the best. This is my 5th Farm Aid and I did not expect much from New York but they were great, very friendly and just down right nice. I am from the South and I really enjoyed New York. The show was good, I had a great time and hope to do many more Farm Aids.

  5. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I do NOT complain if treated fairly. All I was looking for was a bottle of water and a snack and that was too much to ask. Kristi in the VIP area was overwhelmed with complaints all day long. Was everyone just looking to complain? Glad they comped you an artist pass. Next time try paying three grand for your VIP seats and see if you don't view it somewhat differently.

    The "story" this man wrote is far from correct and I am waiting to hear from Kristi and Farm Aid as to why they chose to turn their VIP tent into a cattle call that would make Greyhound Bus tickets look better.

    The porta-pottie by the VIP tent was trashed all day. Paper overflowing on the floor sticking to everyones feet as they went down the steps to leave. A mess.

    You must be the reviewer or a buddy of his trying to resell this lie of a story he posted on this site.

    I've been to many concerts, farm aids included and backstage, and have never seen such poor treatment in a VIP area before. I hope not to see it again.

    Next year before I spend three grand I will inquire as to exactly what they mean by VIP.

  6. Anonymous7:45 PM

    This was my first Farm Aid Concert. I had never been to NYC. The whole time was great. VIP had some problems but nothing that "ruined" my time. Cocktail time did not have enough food but there were plenty of other things to snack on and I certainly do not need a snack before supper. There was plenty to eat at supper and was very good. Bathrooms were fine and I was grateful that I did not have to wait in line in the lawn section. Overall, thanks for a great time. One I will never forget!!!

  7. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Thank you, Farm Aid, for at least apologizing to some of the VIPs privately through emails. Too bad someone couldn't have graciously admitted to the problems and posted an apology here. I've noticed replies on many other subjects, but not this one. The silence is deafening. By the way, there was plenty of bottled water and food in every other area, as well backstage, just none in the VIP area? An awfully huge oversight.