Friday, April 13, 2007

Nahreen uses the Aerogarden to take a guacamole break

Our office herbs have been growing like crazy! The basil was in the lead. Following close behind, tied for second place, were the cilantro and purple basil.

Friday afternoon, we decided it was time to Harvest! I love the smell of fresh herbs, especially when they’re being picked right here, in my office!

Jeni and I ran out and bought a few fresh ingredients to go with our aerogarden grown cilantro to surprise the office with a delicious afternoon snack!

The guacamole was fantastic. Needless to say, we devoured it in minutes!
Give our recipe a try:

1 Plum Tomato, chopped
2 avocados, mashed
half of a white onion, diced
the juice of 1 lime
1 handful of our delicious officegrown cilantro
salt to taste

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:35 PM

    That sounds great! I am going to pass it on to a friend of mine who is a chef.
    But I have to laugh. Growing things at the office sounds - well - a little daring, shall we say? Flourescent lamps can't be all that great for the plants, after all, and phones ringing, people arguing. Coffee being spilled. That magical computer screen glow.
    But good for you if you made it all work. :)