Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wendy wonders "What's your favorite Farm Aid memory?"

Everyone remembers their first Farm Aid--I know I do. It was 1993 and I was fresh out of college when I came to work for Farm Aid. My first concert was in Ames, Iowa. I had never been backstage at a show before. I had never met a celebrity before. Yet my job was to greet the artists as they came through the green room (where they prepare before going on stage). I was so nervous about approaching any of them. Who was I compared to their celebrity?

I remember meeting Martina McBride- when she had long hair- she was so beautiful and so friendly. I think she was nervous herself. It was the first time she had played Farm Aid – and we were in a big stadium that year. She has continued to support Farm Aid in fact- if you are a FarmYard member you can check out (and buy!) a pair of Martina's pants. She autographed them and donated to Farm Aid.

I remember trying to approach Ringo Starr only to have a few members of the band Kentucky Headhunters cut in front of me. They were so excited to meet their hero. I remember seeing Dwight Yoakum talking to Lyle Lovett. And seeing Neil Young drive right past the green room in his golf cart as he headed for the stage.

At the end of the night I was exhausted and exhilarated. I couldn’t believe all the people I met.

So how about you? What’s your favorite Farm Aid moment? We really want to hear from you! To encourage you all to speak up, the 5th commentor will win a brand new Farm Aid poster from this year’s concert.


  1. Its been 10 years since my last Farm Aid but Ill never forget it! Columbia S.C Hootie and the Blow Fish in their own home town. The crowd was going nuts. Just when you thought it couldnt get any better John Mellencamp broke down his drum set and tossed it out into the crowd! Cant wait to see what happens this year. Diana Hopkins, Kill Devil Hills N.C

  2. 9-18-04.. my favorite set from neil so far of all time.. it got better with each song and ended with old king and four strong winds... Arrowhead Mtn, VT.

  3. I had the honor of working on the first three shows...beginning in 1984 at Champaign Illinois.

    Preproduction started about a month before the show in a (then) quiet suite at the local hotel. By show week there were about 150 phone lines dangling out of the window, and the room was full of activity.

    As I recall, there were some 90 acts at the first show. To say that it was a logistical challenge would be an understatement.

    It remains one of my life's peak experiences.

  4. Willie....Ames, Iowa.

    Enough said!

  5. Wait...........Just remembered more of the day.

    they ran out of corn on the cob(in iowa how can you run out of corn???) Hot Iowa day. 5 people crammed into a small audi driving up from davenport. shoes on, danceing!

    the BEST.....Neil young's PUMP ORGAN!!!!

    a day to remember.


  6. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I thought I would add to this blog my experience. Farm Aid really began in a small town in northeastern Missouri in 1984. I was a student running a T-shirt shop at the time. I volunteered to print T-shirts in exchange for a split of the proceeds. John Mellencamp performed with David Soul of Starsky and Hutch fame in attendance. I have yet to see anything on this event and really don't understand why it is not remembered as the very first Farm Aid concert!