Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ryan Says Not Enough Time

Hosting and blogging, oh my! I haven't even had time to use the bathroom. This backstage hosting is confusing. First Shelby Lynne is coming, then Govt’ Mule, then Pauline Reese. She is really nice and from what I hear,she has a large fan base watching the webcast and the blog. They sent her to find the guy that keeps changing his shirt. She gave me one of her tour t-shirts as well.

Now I'm talking with Nathan Towne of Milton, Vermont, the winner of the Farm Aid Top of the Haystack title from the web site. He submitted a photo and an essay on,"Why he was the biggest Farm Aid fan," and he won. What did he win? Airfare to the concert, free hotel (where artists are staying), the chance to work at catering and meet the stars as a volunteer, and (drumroll please) front row-center tickets! Nancy, his guest, was a new addition…recently met…but she confides that she would like a date with Dave….mmm. There might be somebody upset with that.


  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    in which hotel do the artists stay this weekend?

  2. when does dave matthews come on?

  3. Anonymous6:27 PM

    when you do an interview with Dave Matthews can you ask him about his plans on his next solo album if he has begun working on it. also would be great to ask him about the bands next studio album. finally are there are touring plans for winter or early 2007, maybe a Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds tour?